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Tennis Solutions Blog

February Grade 3 Feedback

Yet again thank you to those who completed the survey which had a really great response. There were a handful of comments which were slightly negative hence the following commentary as clarification:-

One issue related to the non compulsory playback draw. The issue seems to be the small number of those who take it up and that it should be compulsory. We fully understand the argument and sympathise but after many years of trying both systems on balance we feel that by not compelling players to return against their wishes gives certainty to those matches which are scheduled, actually happening.

One person complained about the cost of £25 for a junior event. All yellow ball junior singles events were charged at £20 and the cost has not changed for over 10 years. Another complaint was that the singles was scheduled over three days with just one round on each day. Clearly with a draw of 32 players it is impossible to finish in less than 3 days and generally there are two rounds per day which is the maximum allowed under LTA regulations for full set matches.

Another observation was that doubles should not be played so late in the day particularly as there were empty courts available. Clearly singles has to take priority and when players are in both events they can't play two competitions at the same time. As the singles takes priority the doubles generally have to be played later. As regards empty courts, this may be deceiving as the club have priority on the majority of the courts. We can only use those which are dedicated to the tournament regardless of whether there are other empty courts.

Finally it has been mentioned that there was no consolation draw for the doubles and that they were played as short sets. The entry fee of £8 reflects this and we offer the following reasons for the arrangements. Doubles are run in all age groups not just 14's and 18's and this is more than what most tournaments offer. What we currently offer clearly takes up a lot of court time and there is a limit on what can be scheduled without reducing the size of the singles entries, and that we are reluctant to do at the expense of doubles.

December/January Grade 3 Feedback

Thank you so much to all those who responded to the survey for the Christmas Grade 3. 95% of the comments were positive, congratulatory or offered constructive suggestions.

Taking on board the major issues we thought the following may be of interest:-

I'm afraid we happen to have picked the coldest week of the winter and whilst we appreciate spectators found it rather cold I regret David Lloyd feel that it would be impracticable to install heating in that area. We can only remind players and spectators that the inside temperature reflects the temperature outside but we do try to calculate rest periods to give players and spectators a warm period in the bistro area.

Some comments related to the gap between matches and whilst we fully understand the issue it relates almost exclusively to players waiting for doubles matches which inevitably are scheduled after the singles. We feel it is important to prioritise singles before doubles. On the plus side we pride ourselves on running doubles in each age group albeit time only allows for short sets.

We appreciate that some players may have had only one match on a particular day. Whilst we clearly try to avoid that, in some instances it is unavoidable. For instance where there are byes or where the consultation draw is waiting for first round matches to come through.

Some comments related to being unclear on the dates for each event. Dates for each age group are specifically shown on the entry page on the LTA website although the website does also show the generic dates covering the entire period of the tournament, but where in doubt please go to the relevant age group entry page.

Tennis Solutions Christmas 2016/17 Tournament

The draws have now been made and are online. Some small changes have been made to the provisional plans particularly the open events so players are encouraged to look at the draws and particularly the emails sent to them in relation to the type of draw and venue for their event. (20/12/16)

With entries now received but awaiting the withdrawal date on 15 December, the only changes to the anticipated schedule is the cancelling of the red ball event due to insufficient numbers and the introduction of a men's open B draw at grade 4 level. (16/12/16)

Schedule for Tennis Solutions Christmas 2016/17 Tournament


This year the LTA Grade 2 singles events for 12's 14's and 18's are running over the period 28 - 31 December. It is assumed semis and finals will be on 31 December. Accordingly we have proposed some adjustments to the scheduling of our tournament this year to give some players the best opportunity of entering the Bristol Grade 3 Christmas Tournament.

As a consequence we plan to run the 14's and 18's girls/boys events over the new year starting on the 31 December (depending on numbers). Whilst we appreciate this may present some difficulties for some players (bearing in mind new year festivities) matches on new years day will start later than normal.

Anticipated Schedule

Currently we expect the Open events will be compass draws over two days commencing on 27 December with the likely venue at *Ashton. The Red ball competition will be on 27 December at *Ashton. The Green ball boys and girls competition will if necessary run over two days starting on 27 December at *Westbury. The Orange ball boys and girls events will probably be limited to one day starting on 28 December at *Ashton. The 12's and 16's events will run between 29 and 31 December with the boys at *Ashton and girls at *Westbury. The 14's and 18's will subject to draw size start on 31 December and finish on 2 January with the boys at *Ashton and the girls at *Westbury.

Doubles will run over the same period as the appropriate singles age dates but there will be no consolation draw. Singles consolation entry will be sign up for first match losers and therefore will not be compulsory. 

Joint venue's

Please note that as with last year we are using both the Bristol David Lloyd Club’s and at Westbury we have secured the use of the four “window” courts. You may be assured that whatever venue is appropriate for your age group all matches will be held at that venue.

Important Note

*It is impossible to be absolutely certain about the venues for each age group until we receive final entries but the above information is more than likely correct and is our best guess.

One day Express Masters - Open Grade 4 s

New for 2016/17

Following the popularity of the Grade 3 Masters events and particularly the men’s tournaments we are intending this winter to run a series of Grade 4 one-day Express Masters tournaments. These may appeal particularly to those players who may have been discouraged from entering Grade 3 Masters tournaments where typically ratings are high. They may also perhaps encourage players who simply want to compete in tournaments which come to a conclusion in a day. We are particularly hoping these tournaments may attract or bring back to our events some of the more "senior" players who may have been discouraged from entering the Grade 3 Masters tournaments which tend to have a younger player profile.

The format will depend on entry numbers but in an ideal world would either be an 8 or 16 compass draw played as either shorts sets or (where players may experience four matches) using the Fast4 format. Either way the tournament will be run using the longest possible format within the LTA guidelines.

The dates of the Grade 4 Express Masters tournaments are as follows:-

23 October

20 November

11 December

22 January

2016/17 Winter Tournament details released

Please see the website for details of all tournaments for the winter run. We are now using additional venues at David Lloyd, Westbury, Thornbury Tennis Club and Taunton School. During the summer months we also referee week long Grade 3's at The Redland Green Club, Torquay Tennis Club and Truro Lawn Tennis Club.

Extract from South West Independent - 31 July 2016

The 118th Torbay Junior and Open tournament starts today, Sunday 31 July, and progresses through until Saturday 6 August. Certainly the biggest Grade 3 tournament in the South West, if not the country, the event attracted competitors from Sutton, Cardiff, Swansea, Staffordshire and Maidenhead last year. The 27 events range from under 8s to Open singles. This year the tournament is refereed by Bristol based Tennis Solutions headed up by Donna Budd. Next week Donna and her team will be moving on to Cornwall where they will be organising the Truro Junior and Senior Open Grade 3 which is running in conjunction with the Quorn Family Tennis Cup

Extended entry date

We are glad to be able to announce that the entry date for this event has been extended by two days to 16 May which is NOW after the withdrawal date of the two National Grade 2 events. This may allow players who may be undecided about which tournament to enter to make a more informed choice.

Tournament dates for Girls and Boys 18’s events

Now that we are nearer knowing the entry level we judge that these events will take place on Tuesday 31 May and Wednesday 1 June only.

Multiple Entries for 16, 18 and Open age groups

With the likely scheduling of the 16’s 18’s and Open age groups on separate days players can if they wish enter all these events.

Doubles Entries

We are likely to request an extension to the doubles entry date so that players have a better opportunity to find partners. More information will follow in due course.

Free T-shirts

We have asked for an increased number of T-shirts this year based upon last year’s entry to enable most players should be able to pick up a free T shirt. 

February Grade 3 sponsorship - prizes won!

La Manga Villa Rental are pleased to announce the prize draw winners of holidays to La Manga as follows:-

U8 Boys Euan Greenslade

U8 Girls Olivia Adkins

U9 Boys Sebastian Linnitt

U9 Girls Nell Harris

U10 Boys Alexander Bradley Glinister

U10 Girls Eva Lancaster

U12 Boys Benjamin Johnson

U12 Girls Brooke Daunton

Christmas Grade 3 update - Girls and Orange at Westbury

There has been a high entry into this year's tournament and to accomodate as many players as we could we have extended the event to include the David Lloyd Club at Westbury in Bristol. We have incorperated doubles events in all the yellow ball categories and apart form the girls 18's we have had sufficient entries to enable draws to be made.

It is important to note that ALL girls yellow ball matches and ALL girls and boys Orange ball matches will be held at the Westbury venue. At Westbury Maggie Tyrell will be the referee for the yellow ball matches and Sian Budd will referee the Orange Ball event.

All other matches will be held at the David Lloyd Club in Ashton, Bristol. The referee's at Ashton will be Donna Budd and Graham Budd.

If you are are unsure of directoins during your travel to either of the clubs then either click here for an interactive map including voice directions on your mobile or go to "Venue Locations" on the sidebar on this website and click the picture of a car for a direct link to the interactive directions.

On behalf of Tennis Solutions including Sian, Jess, Donna and Graham we wish you a happy and peaceful Christmas.

Follow-up message from La Manga Villa Rental

'After another successful tournament held at David Lloyd, Bristol over the weekend of 26/27 September, our sponsors La Manga Villa Rental were pleased to give 3 lucky winners, holiday vouchers to the value of £150 each.

The 3 players receiving these were Selina Briggs, Matthew Alexander and Saif Ali.

Our thanks once again go to La Manga Villa Rental for their kind sponsorship.’

A message from La Manga Villa Rental Sponsorship

"La Manga Villa Rental are pleased to announce that they will once again be sponsoring Tennis Solutions.

This will commence with the Masters Open this weekend, September 26th/27th, followed by the Christmas Grade 3 Tournament.

The sponsorship format will be slightly different to that of last year whereby entrants will be asked for their name, email address and telephone number, in order to be entered into a draw to win Holiday Gift Vouchers to the value of £150.

As tennis parents we understand the commitment required by both players and parents and because of this we felt that everyone should benefit from a prize from La Manga Villa Rental.

Therefore, this year, players entering the Christmas 2015 Grade 3 Tournament will have the unique chance to win a 4 night stay on La Manga Club Resort. To be included in the draw simply enter your name, email address and telephone number on the form provided when you sign in. The winner will be notified after the end of the tournament. Good Luck!"

Ladies Grade 3 events join the Masters Series

This year we have added ladies events to our Masters Series. For details on what is on offer please click on Open Masters on the sidebar. Masters events are two day Grade 3 compass events running over weekends. In the event of high numbers we will where possible introduce a B draw. Overspill players will be offered the opportunity of entering the B draw.

BProFit and Katie Swan

Hit the http:// link below to hear Katie Swan's endorsement of the Bristol based training facility BProFit. Katie is arguably Britain's fastest rising tennis player and learnt her tennis in the Bristol area.

Go to the link below to take you to the page giving the rules of fast4 tennis which is compulsory for all Junior Grade 4 and 5 yellow ball tournaments:-

Entry date extended for week long Grade 4

Please note that the LTA has kindly extended the entry date for AVO151100 which is scheduled to run between 26 July and 1 August. If you have failed to get into another event or you thought you had mised the deadline then you now have until 18 July (10:00am) to enter this tournament which is being held at Davild Lloyd, Ashton, Bristol.

Truro Grade 3 Junior and Open

A reminder to players that the Truro Grade 3 for Juniors and Adults is fast approaching. The tournament runs between 9 and 15 August and the formal entry date closes on 19 July. Last year the Club had a bumper entry and we hope to repeat or improve on the entry level this year.

The club is in a wonderful setting and the facilities are excellent. Food and drink is available all day at reasonable prices.

If you haven’t already experienced the Truro tournament then why not consider entering this year.

If you have previously entered then we hope to see you again in August.

There is prize money available for the adult events which traditionally are well attended and we have the following events listed:-

Open mixed doubles

40 + mixed doubles

Open mens singles

Open mens doubles

40 + mens singles

40 + mens doubles

Open womens singles

Open womens doubles

40 + womens singles

40 + womens doubles

What’s not to like?


Nathan Edwards Trophy winners U18 doubles - BLTSC 2015

Chris Miller and Kristian Newman receiving the Nathan Edwards trophy as u18 doubles winners at BLTSC. RIP Nathan.


Katie Swan 2015 Australian Open Junior Finalist

Congratulations to Katie Swan girls finalist at the Australian Open 2015. Katie trained in earlier years at David Lloyd in Bristol. Between 2009 and 2011 she entered and won a number of Tennis Solutions events (see"Past Grade 3 finalists" on this website for details). She is a great ambassador to the game and her success is greatly deserved.

We wish her well for the future.


Discount for David Lloyd Members for Masters Tennis

New for 2015 members of David Lloyd, Ashton. You will receive a 25% rebate on the entry fee into all Masters events (excluding the event at BLTSC) provided you complete all scheduled matches. Players need only pay £13 for entry, which icludes two days worth of competitive tennis against players from all areas of the Country. Frequently players might expect to play four matches obver the two days. What's not to like?.


PRESS RELEASE                                                                                                                                     Jan


Young Tennis Talent on Show in Bristol

Tennis players from across the country visited David Lloyd Club, Ashton, Bristol during the holiday season to take part in the annual Christmas Tournament run by Tennis Solutions. This year in addition to playing for the trophies and ranking points that are always available at this event the new tournament sponsor provided prizes,

La Manga Villa Rental issued holiday vouchers to the winners and runners up in every age group. The 14U Girls event was selected by American tennis star Donald Young to receive the most valuable prize, a luxury villa at the world famous tennis destination La Manga in Spain. Monet Baptiste of Middlesex was the delighted winner of this prize, having beaten Kate Horsburgh (Hereford & Worcs) 7-6 6-0 in the final.

Local success came when Joe Leather, ranked Avon County No1 in his age group, won the 14U boys event in a high quality, closely fought final versus Charley Gregory (Warwickshire) 5-7, 7-5, 6-4. In the Mini Tennis events Sean Helstrip (Avon) won all his matches to win the Boys 9U.

Tournament Referee Donna Budd said “It was great to see so many talented players at the tournament. Approaching 300 people entered and they all play tennis to a high standard so it was a really good week for players and spectators alike. The prizes provided by our new sponsor La Manga Villa Rental made it even more special for the players and I’m sure that the winners and runners up who take advantage of the prizes will enjoy playing tennis at the resort."

Tennis Solutions are now planning their next big event, another regional level Grade 3 Ranking Tournament during the next school holiday 15 -22 February, once again sponsored by La Manga Villa Rental.


8U Boys Sam Evans (Wales S) bt Ben Mason (Devon) 10-7; 8U Girls Elizabeth Evans (Wales S) bt Maya Ichim (Devon) 11-9; 9U Boys Sean Helstrip (Avon) bt Alex Blissett (Som) 7-5 7-5; 9U Girls Paulina Jukowska (Her & Worcs) bt Aryana Bartlett (Avon) 7-3 7-3; 10U Boys Hugo Russell (Wales S) bt Radu Manolescu (Warks) 4-1 4-1; 10U Girls Francesca Davies (Berks) bt Laila Mae Savage (Wales S) 4-1 4-2; 12U Boys Morgan Hill (Devon) bt Daniel Webb (Berks) 6-2 6-2; 12U Girls Aisling Mcgrane bt Eleri Rowlands 6-2 6-3; 14U Boys Joe Leather (Avon) btCharley Gregory (Warks) 5-7 7-5 6-4; 14UGirls Monet Baptiste (Mid) bt Kate Horsburgh (Her & Worcs)7-6(4) 6-0; 16UBoys Benjamin Battey (Dorset) bt Finley Bygrave (Dorset)6-4 6-2; 16UGirls Georgina Jeynes-Cupper(Her & Worcs) bt Amy Griffiths (Lancs)7-6 4-6 (7-5); 18U Boys George Hedley (Berks) bt Matthew Story (S Wales) ) 4-6 6-2 6-1; 18U Girls Megan Webb (S Wales) bt Amy Griffiths (Lancs) 3-0 ret.; Mens Open B Draw Round Robin Winner Kasha Nejad (Avon); Mens Open Singles Chris Morrow (Glos) bt Sam Edwards (Som) 7-6(3) 7-6(4).

Notes: Tennis Solutions organise Lawn Tennis Association sanctioned tournaments of various levels across the South West. The Annual Christmas Tournament is a Grade 3 Regional Level tournament where players can gain both ranking and rating points in accordance with LTA regulations. Tennis solutions is run by Donna & Graham Budd aided by daughters Jess and Sian. All the family are qualified referees and tournament organisers.

For further information contact [email protected]


Changes to the British Tennis Rating and Ranking system - April 2015

From 1 April 2015, changes are being made to the British Tennis Rating and Ranking System, including all junior and adult players (excluding seniors') appearing on one universal ranking list with age group filters. What are the specific changes to rankings?Ranking, rather than rating, will be used as the primary measure for acceptance into Grade 1 to 3 junior tournaments. To reflect the increased importance of the rankings measure and ensure the accuracy of our ranking lists we will be making the following improvements;

  • All junior and adult players will appear on one universal ranking list with age group filters.
  • Doubles results will count towards a player’s ranking, with 25% of a player’s best 6 doubles results added to his/her best 6 singles points.
  • Players will be rewarded for competing outside of their age group as points earned in all events will contribute to a player’s ranking (points will be weighted by age group).
  • They will include points earned in international tournaments to reward performance in Tennis Europe, ITF and ATP/WTA competitions.
  • A cap will be introduced to our Ratings system to limit the number of results from Grade 6 (matchplays) and Grade 7 (internal) competitions that will count towards a player’s rating. For junior players rated 4.2 and higher (4.1, 3.2, 3.1, etc.) only 3 qualifying wins from grade 6 and grade 7 competitions combined will count towards a player’s rating calculation in a competition season.
  • Why have the changes been made?
  • Including international points will ensure that the system is as accurate as possible, with those players who compete internationally in ITF and Tennis Europe tournaments being rewarded.
  • Rankings are a more accurate indicator of performance level than ratings for regular competitors. They will show a true and up to date list of players according to standard and, therefore are more appropriate to use as the primary measure for acceptance at grade 1 to 3 competitions for junior events.
  • The rating cap will ensure that higher rated players don’t move up the ratings levels by competing solely in matchplays and ensures the rating system remains an accurate indicator of player standard.

Frequently asked questions

GeneralWhat will the new rankings look like?There will be two lists only, one male and one female.These lists will replace 12U, 14U, 16U, 18U and open age group ranking lists but through age group filters, it will be possible to produce ranking lists for any age group.The new rankings will represent an overall order of merit with players positioned according to ranking points acquired in domestic and international tournaments. Points from doubles events will also contribute towards players’ totals.How will the new rankings be calculated?Ranking positions will be based on a player’s:

  • Highest 6 singles points from domestic and international competitions (international competitions from 1 January 2015)
  • 25% of highest 6 doubles points from domestic & international competitions from 1 April 2015.
  • Age group weighting of points will proportionately reward players for playing in older age groups. TE and ITF tournament grade weighting will reflect the relative difficulty of the events at each grade.Can I play up in any age group?Players can compete in any age group however the British Tennis Ranking system will be subject to the following play up rules:
  • 12U – at least 3 singles and 3 doubles events from your own age group and up to 3 singles and 3 doubles events from 14U and 16U including international results
  • 14U – at least 3 singles and 3 doubles events from your own age group and up to 3 singles and 3 doubles from 16U and 18U including international results
  • 16U – 6 singles and 6 doubles events from 16U, 18U or open events including international results
  • 18U – 6 singles and 6 doubles events from 18U or open events including international results
  • What events are used to determine rankings?
  • All Tennis Europe 16U and 14U events.
  • All ITF Junior events.
  • All domestic competitions graded 1 – 5.
  • A player’s ATP/WTA ranking points
    How often will rankings be updated?Rankings will be updated on a weekly basis, on a Friday as previously, and new listings published the same day.The listings will include points from the previous week’s tournaments and earlier.DoublesWhy are doubles points being included?Recent research has highlighted the popularity of doubles as well as players’ enthusiasm for an integrated doubles performance measure. The inclusion of doubles will also support participation in these events, develop different skills and encourage a focus on the social aspect of competitions. In addition the system is modelled on best practice from the Tennis Europe and ITF and major tennis playing nations all of which include doubles in their ranking systems. 25% of a player’s best six doubles results will count towards his/her ranking.Will my doubles points from the last 12 months appear from April 2015?Doubles points will continue to appear with their results on a player’s event list however only points from doubles events with an event end date from 1 April 2015 will be included in the rankings. Doubles points are not being included retrospectively as players need advance warning of such a change so they can plan their competitive calendars appropriately.Will I get points for mixed doubles?No, points for mixed doubles will not apply however organisers are encouraged to run these events as they can provide fun and friendly competitive opportunities.InternationalWhy are international points being included?International points are being included in a player’s ranking to ensure that players competing in international tournaments are rewarded for doing so. In addition this will make the British Tennis Rankings more accurate than they currently are. Tennis Europe 14U, Tennis Europe 16U and Junior ITF rankings points will be added on an event by event basis, to a player’s form. A multiplier will be applied to international ranking points to reflect their stature in the British Tennis Ranking system and will be applied at each ranking run if they are amongst the players 6 highest singles and doubles events.How will my international points be included?Points from international events (singles and/or doubles) will be automatically added by the LTA including singles events from 1 January 2015. If a player believes an event is missing from their form, they will need to contact [email protected].Will my international points from the last 12 months appear from April 2015?Points for performance in international singles events with an event end date from 1 January 2015 will be added to a players profile and included in their ranking when the new system goes live on 1 April 2015. Only points from international doubles events with an event end date from 1 April 2015 will be added to a player’s profile and included in the rankings.There are different age group rules internationally and for domestic competitions, what will happen when I leave an age group?Due to the mismatch dependant on when you are born, you may no longer hold an international ranking in an age group you do domestically. At this point in time you will lose the points from your British Tennis Ranking.Ranking for acceptanceWhy are we using Ranking for acceptance at Grade 1 to 3 rather the rating?Ranking for acceptance is being introduced for the following reasons:
  • It follows the rationale of the professional tennis circuits where acceptance is based on players’ ranking positions.
  • Players will be encouraged to get through rounds in tournament draws and measure their progress according to ranking position rather than the accumulation of ratings wins.
  • Players will be encouraged to compete in two competition age groups and reduce the number of late withdrawals.

    The closing date for a competition in April 2015 is before the 1 April 2015 will ranking for acceptance apply?

    No, competitions which close for entries before 1 April 2015 will use the current system for acceptance. For grades 1 & 2 this will be the international acceptance criteria followed by ranking, for grade 3 competition; rating and ranking. Events with a closing deadline on or after 1 April 2015 will use the new method.Why is ranking for acceptance only being used for junior competitions?Ranking for acceptance isn’t being used for open competition because adults generally compete less than juniors and have fewer opportunities to acquire ranking points; therefore ratings more accurately represent adults’ current form.Will seeding also be based on rankings? Yes, both acceptance and seeding will use rankings.

    Rating cap at 4.2 and betterWhy have you capped the number of matchplay wins?The rating cap at 4.2 and higher will promote participation in tournaments, for the better players, whilst encouraging all players to supplement their competition programmes with matchplays.

    Why have you chosen 4.2 for the cap?As the eighth rung of the ladder (and middle of the seasonal ratings system), it is seen as an appropriate level whereby players should be obtaining most of their qualifying wins from competition other than from matchplays.


Free LaManga Holiday

Age Group Shortly To Be Announced on our Facebook Page

Shortly we will be able to announce the age group selected by US tennis star Donald Young (left). The winner of the age group will qualify for a free holiday to LaManga for up to 6 people. The draws for the tournament will appear on British Tennis shortly and you will be able to access them through our link on the front page.

Tennis Ace - Donald Young are kind sponsors of our Christamas Grade 3 Junior Tournament. Each age group Winner will receive a £75.00 Gift Voucher towards a luxury holiday or short break on La Manga Club whilst the Runner Up will receive a £50.00 Gift Voucher.

As a further late Christmas Present the winner of a selected age group will win a 4 night stay on La Manga Club in a luxury apartment sleeping up to 6 guests. The age group will be selected with the help of US tennis star Donald Young. The selected age group will be announced nearer to the date of the tournament.


Mark Rowe – World team Championships 2014 - Florida

Mark Rowe, who regularly competes in our Masters and Legends events has kindly provided us with some pictures of the British team who just recently competed in the World Team Championships, in Boca Raton, Florida, USA.

In the picture are the 50s team. Left to right, Mark Rowe, Alistair Alexander, Chris Hearn (capt), and Peter Wingrove.

It was brutally hot every day with temperatures of 90 degrees, plus humidity. The Bristish team beat Australia, Turkey and Venezuela, losing to the USA, and Argentina. The Brits reached the quarter finals, finishing 7th overall, from 27 teams.

The following week in the World Individual Championships, Mark won two rounds of the main event, losing in the 3rd round (last 32), from a 171 player draw. Mikael Pernfors a well know player from the main tour from a few years ago won the over 50’s event.

Mark tell me he had a great two and a half weeks and on a personal note we at tennis Solutions can say that there can be few players who deserve to represent Great Britain more.

GB Senior Clay Court Championships - May 2013

The Senior clay court championships of GB were played at the West Hants club Bournemouth, at the end of May/ beginning of June, and Mark Rowe came out winner of the 45s mens singles event,and the 45s mens doubles event with Neil Howitt.

Through winning, Mark has now claimed the number 1 spot in GB, in the over 45s GB ranking list, and has also risen to number 17 in the World in the over 45s ITF list. Marrk said "It was a dream come true to win the title,and the doubles too, making all the hard work worthwhile".

A Big Thank-you to competitors at Cardiff

Donna and I would just like to thank all the competitors who sent kind messages of support to us following the vets and Masters tourrnament at Virgin Active on 23 - 25 November. We had a great time running it. Thanks should also go to Paul Thompson without whom the event would not have happened. I have also thanked the centre for allowing us to use the facilities and they seem keen to allow us to run further tournaments in the future. So watch this website for more information!

Masters and Legends leaderboard's - November 2012

Jo Hill and Nikki Giles have taken an early lead on the Masters leaderboard followed by Pete Evans. But with the Cardiff Masters upon us and both Nikki and Pete having entered, it looks like they will (between them) take a commanding lead as we approach the half way stage of the Series.

In the Legends, Steve Batte of Yorkshire is leading with John Winston of Berkshire two points behind. But with 5 more events to go in the Series there are plenty more points available.

The Masters event on 17 and 18 November had 32 palyers and was split between the two David Lloyd venues in Bristol. This is because the Ashton club is not able to provide 8 courts at our usual start time of 4.30. The alternative arrangement seemed to work well but should we be able to secure 8 courts again at Ashton we may well revert. In the mentime the club at Westbury-on-Trym are more than happy to provide the shortfall.

Paul Thompson - First and last!

Paul Thompson having won the first ever Legends event in September 2011 won the last of the 1st series of tournaments in August 2012 at David Lloyd in Ashton, Bristol. The 8 draw consisted of entrants from Scotland, Wales and England. Paul played John Winston in a fantastic final played in the wonderful spirit of two true gentlemen. Thank you Paul and John and all the other participants.

We start again next month with a monthly series of events stretching to March 2013. For the second Series we will run a leaderboard with a small cup/medal for the Series winner. Also coming in late November is a separate three day event in Cardiff with most senior age groups covered. It will be played at the Welsh National Tennis Centre, otherwise known as Virgin Active, Cardiff.

Ben Elliott - Masters Winner May 2012

Congratulations go to Ben Elliott in winning his first Masters Series event. We had a number of new entrants to the Masters Series all of whom seemed pleased with the tournament which was held at the Westbury on Trym venue in Bristol due to court refurbishment at the Ashton venue.

The number one seed Webber Emile was one of our debutants and he made his way comfortably to the final. His opponent in the final, number two seed Ben Elliott, took up tennis quite late as a junior and currently coaches in Devon. His standard of tennis has improved dramatically during the last two years and he produced some wonderful all court play in a close contest with Webber to take top spot in the spoils of the Grade 4 ranking points.

It was a pleasure to also meet for the first time Paul Quibell-Smith from Wales who won his first match and finished in a commendable position at the end of the tournament. Over the weekend he produced some fantastic tennis and showed that the art of approaching the net and volleying is clearly not yet dead.

Another commendable result came from Peter Evans who has played in a number of the Masters events. Peter is a local coach and in his last match had a close encounter with Dan Chivers to take third place. He had an equally close match with Ben Elliott in the semi's and presumably felt well pleased with his weekend's hard efforts. Yet another player who has made remarkable improvements in such a short space of time.

April 2012 Legends

As summer approaches (ha) unexpectedly a smaller number of entries were received. A late withdrawal left 5 players all playing each other. This led to each player having 4 matches each but this didn't seem to worry our hardened players. Paul Thompson who has played every event won all his matches leaving second place a close run thing with Carlos losing out on second place to Andrew Bird from Surrey by just a few percentage points. Next event takes place in July.

March 2012 Legends includes players from Scotland, Wales and England

Steve Evans from Gloucestershire is the winner latest tournament in the Series held on 22 and 23 March. He overcame previous two time winner Paul Thompson in the final. A big welcome goes to two more newcomers. Stephen Batte made the long trip down from Yorkshire to play and Andrew McKeown made the even longer trip from Scotland by plane. We have yet to receive an entry from Ireland but perhaps it's just a matter of time!

British Tennis Title for our very own Malvern man.

Mark Rowe (Malvern),and his doubles partner Alistair Alexander (South Wales),were crowned 2012 GB mens over 45s Indoors doubles champions last week,at the David Lloyd centre in Birmingham. The number 2 seeds had to keep coming back from the verge of defeat in a cracking 3 set Final.

Receiving a bye in the first round,they then beat in the quarter final Douglas Evans and Edward Edwards (both H&W) 6,2 6,2. In the semi final they took on and beat the number 3 seeds Mark Cunningham (Kent) and Russell Boulton (Oxfordshire) 6,4 6,2. In the Final they then beat the unseeded pairing of Ged Doherty and Peter Godber (Both Nottinghamshire). Losing the first set 5,7,they then levelled the match by taking the second set 6,3.In the third set after being 0,3 2,4 and 4,5 down,they turned the whole match around to win the British Title 5,7 6,3 7,5.

Afterwards Mark said`it was a super human effort,and neither of us could believe at the end,that we had won it! We are both over the moon`. Mark will next be playing in the Scottish Indoor championships in Glasgow in February 2012 and we wish him well.

Extract from Avon LTA website February 2012:-

New Senior Masters Events

For our 40 + Vets we will be running two Grade 4 tournaments, one on the weekend of 12/13 May and another on 4/5 August. The format will be similar to The Masters events ie a compass draw format over two days.

ITF success for our very own Mark Rowe

Below is an extract from a couple of newspaper reports about Mark:-

"Following his success in winning his first Open Men’s singles title in Bristol, Pershore Tennis Centre coach Mark Rowe has gone on to win an international seniors doubles title.

Alongside doubles partner Alec Allen (Lincolnshire), Rowe won the Grade 1 ITF Over 45s Majorcan Seniors Open Championships Title, at Font de sa Cala, Majorca. Playing on slow clay courts in temperatures of more than 35 degrees, the two Englishmen needed all the energy they could muster to win the title.

Receiving a bye in the 1st round, they then beat Austrian pair Werner Zeilinger and Thomas Lorenz 6,0 6,4. In the semi-final they beat the fellow British pairing of Peter Stewart, and Anthony Marchetti 6,3 6,1,and in the final, Rowe and Allen beat Girts Dzelde (Latvia) and Walter Brodbeck (Germany) 6,2 6,3.

Rowe said "For me and Alec to win an International doubles title at the highest veterans level of Grade 1, is a huge achievement, also knowing that one of our doubles opponents (Dzelde) used to partner Kafelnikov on occasions, makes it an even better win. We are really happy". 

Junior Matchplay Update - David Lloyd

Just a reminder to those wishing to enter matchplays that we have just recently experienced a high demand of entries, so if you have identified a date which is suitable for you it might be as well to put in your entry early. Whilst we pride ourselves on trying to accommodate all players (provided we can match the ratings directly) there is a finite amount of court time available and the later the entry, generally the more difficult it is for us to be able to fit it into the schedule. With the weather improving and indoor court refurbishment taking place quite a number of the matches will be outside during the spring and summer.

We know some matches can end up being played quite late into the evening and whilst we appreciate this can be tiring for some younger players and particularly those travelling a considerable distance, there is frequently no alternative, particularly when boxes of identical ratings have an uneven number of players. Please be aware of this before making entry.