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Tennis Solutions

Tennis Tournaments Avon, Devon and Jersey

Extended Grade 3's

We run two extended grade 3 events spanning both David Lloyd Clubs in Bristol. The first (AVO16W0887|) runs between 27 December and 2 January, the second (AVO16W0888) is scheduled to run between 12 and 19 February. Both tournaments have a full range of junior events with doubles and open evens for men and ladies.

Christmas Grade 3 Schedule

The men's Open A event will be a compass draw over two days commencing 27 December with the venue at Ashton. The men's B draw will also be held at Ashton but will be a compass draw Fast4 event held on 27 December. The ladies event at Ashton will be a knockout draw with first match losers consolation, with 3/4 place play-off. The Red ball competition has been cancelled through lack of numbers. The Green ball boys and girls competition will run over two days starting on 27 December at Westbury. The Orange ball boys and girls events will be held on 28 December at Ashton. The 12's and 16's events will run between 29 and 31 December with the boys at Ashton and girls at Westbury. Grade 2 tournaments this year for 12's 14's and 18's are likely to have finals and possibly semis on 31 December therefore the 14's and 18's will start on 31 December and finish on 2 January (subject to entry size). The boys will event will be held at *Ashton and the girls at *Westbury.

Doubles will run over the same period as the appropriate singles age dates but there will be no consolation draw. Singles consolation entry will be sign up for first match losers and therefore will not be compulsory.

Joint venue's

You may be assured that whatever venue is allocated to your age group all matches will continue to be held at that venue.

February Half Term Grade 3

This indoor event will run from 12 to 19 February at both David Lloyd Clubs in Bristol. There will be singles and doubles events in all junior age groups and a Masters adult tournament for men and ladies plus a B draw for the men if required (subject to LTA sanction). Precise dates are as indicated on the LTA website.