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Tennis Solutions

Tennis Tournaments Avon, Devon and Jersey

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Tennis Smart is a Player Welfare company founded by former British Number 1 in doubles, Sarah Borwell and specializes in American University placement. Sarah believes everyone is capable of following in her footsteps, as long as they choose the right developmental pathway for their own tennis and most importantly, work hard. Sarah only helps British tennis players, so the service is very personal and every player gets an equal amount of support.

If you have the dream of the Tour or simply enjoy your tennis, we recommend finding out more about American University scholarships and what options your child has. Stay on track by contacting Sarah and find out about the rules, standards and how your child can get their tennis and University degree paid for.

For information either click on the word LINK or go to:-

tel: +1319 333 5443

tel: +44 78214 37548