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Tennis Solutions

Tennis Tournaments Avon, Devon and Jersey

Tennis Solutions

Matchplay Tournament Information

Tennis Solutions matchplays are for the ratings as specified on the LTA website. The David Lloyd sponsored matchplays will played mostly indoors on carpet or acrylic courts although if there is a large entry outdoor astro courts will be used as well. For BLTSC sponsored events outdoors hard courts will be used, although an overspill at Kings Club in Reland, Bristol is a possibility.

David Lloyd first match start times are typically between 11.30am and 5.30pm (although on certain dates we may need to start as early as 9.00 am). BLTSC and Kings matchplays are outdoor events and will commence from 9.00am onwards and the courts are considered to be all-weather. You will be informed of your precise start time and if there is an overspill the precise venue nearer the tournament date by e-mail. Entry can be made by phone on 07710 402715 or text or by e-mail at [email protected] or online through the LTA website.

Remember that our tennis matches are not timed events, so whilst every attempt is made to finish as early as possible, boxes of an uneven number of players will result in extended times between matches for some players. Entry into these matchplays means that in some circumstance you could be at the club for 6 hours or more.

You should be scheduled with at least one match against a player of an identical rating but not necessarily the same age. If possible we will attempt to avoid players playing against a player from the same County. In certain circumstances the referee may on the day change the draw or revert some matches to short sets. Generally division 10 and 9.2 players may expect to play short sets, but we can now mix the genders. In addition we can if necessary reduce matches to one full set whilst still counting as rating matches. Only 1st match times are guaranteed subsequent matches can be changed by the referee.

Draws may change at short notice should players withdraw. If we have late withdrawals players may note be notified of the change but tournament software will always be updated with current draws.

The entry fee is £19 and is payable through PayPal. If you haven't already paid we will generally e-mail you asking for payment on the Friday of the week before the event and prompt payment (within 24 hours) will secure your place (subject to sufficient entries at that rating). We can generally entertain late entries but in such circumstances we will ask for immediate payment by PayPal.

Start times are generally announced by e-mail (unless you specify otherwise) on the Tuesday evening before the event. So please ensure that you have access to that e-mail facility and ensure that you open it. If you don't it simply means that our costs are increased in trying to make contact with you. Things can go astray so if you have entered but you haven't had a call or an e-mail about your start time by the Wednesday immediately before the matchplay date, then don’t just assume matches have been arranged, please ring on 07710 402715. Please be aware that scheduling can sometimes be thrown by late withdrawals, so it may be that once having given you a start time we may have to make some late adjustments to it.

If a player withdraws after the withdrawal date the entry fee is forfeited. If however we have been unable to arrange matches for you or they are cancelled by ourselves we will of course issue a full refund.

We generally feel we have a good relationship with our players and parents with whom we frequently have repeat business. To preserve that relationship and so as not to disappoint other players we expect withdrawals after the withdrawal date to be restricted in the main to those relating to injury. Please be aware that all players results can be tracked using the LTA website – entry into another event is not an acceptable reason for a withdrawal and automatic penalty points will be issued by the LTA.